In January 2019, New Regency re-formed its international sales team to take back control of its international television licensing activities. Having established a long-standing partnership with Twentieth Century Fox for its global theatrical distribution, the Walt Disney Company will now be handling the home entertainment and first pay rights. New Regency’s sales team, led by Charlotte Thorp and primarily based out of London, UK will handle all other television and SVOD rights after the first pay window as well as other business development.

The team, listed below will handle territories as specified, any other queries should be directed to Charlotte.

International Sales Team

Charlotte Thorp

SVP & Head of International Sales

UK, Ireland and Japan

For all other enquiries, please contact Charlotte Thorp

Marco Arabit

VP, International Sales

French Speaking Europe, Iberia, Italian Speaking Europe, Middle East, Africa, Israel, Greece

Samantha Cameron-Mowat

VP, International Sales

German-speaking Europe, Scandinavia, Benelux, Russia, Ukraine, CIS

Available for International Licensing

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