Lorraine Franklin is a Las Vegas magician who has raised her 7-year-old son Albert among all the glitz, glamour and imagination that comes with a career in ‘Sin City’. When a fatal automobile accident suddenly claims her life, Albert must move cross-country to live with Lorraine’s foster sister, Aunt Harriet, in New Jersey.

Adjusting to a whole new life will take some getting used to for both Albert and Harriet. While his fiercely independent, but preoccupied, new guardian is consumed with keeping her fledgling company afloat, Albert must make do with only his imaginary friend - a flamboyant, gentle giant of a Frenchman named Bogus - to help him navigate this new experience.

As Harriet and Albert struggle to come to terms with to each other, her reality based world and his life of imagination come into direct conflict, until Harriet catches a brief glimpse of Bogus, and realizes there may be more going on than just the imaginings of her young ward. With Bogus’ help, Albert tries to understand and accept the loss of his mother, while Harriet tries to come to terms with her own childhood tragedies.

Whoopi Goldberg
Gerard Depardieu
Haley Joel Osment
Norman Jewison