When his wife falls ill on the day of an important meeting, the task of driving their kids’ carpool is left to overly stressed ad exec Daniel Miller. At first only mildly daunted by the assignment, Miller, his watch constantly set ten minutes fast, grows increasingly frustrated when each kid the carpool picks up announces they have skipped breakfast, prompting a pit-stop at a local market which, unbeknown to him, is in the process of being robbed. While Daniel goes inside to buy snacks, Franklin Laszlo, a nearly bankrupt carnival owner who can’t make his payroll, waits outside with his own plan to rob the next-door bank and save his business. After Laszlo inadvertently foils the market robbery and is mistakenly identified by witnesses as the assailant, he fears his true plans will be discovered and tries to make a hasty retreat only to discover his getaway car has been blocked in by the armored truck he planned to rob. Grabbing a nearby Miller, he jumps into the waiting carpool minivan and escapes. On the run and being pursued by both cops and robbers, Laszlo quickly makes allies of the kids in the car, who enjoy his more lighthearted approach to life rather than the overly serious workaholic approach of Miller. Eventually, Miller begins to lighten up and learns the lesson that family is always more important that business, and when the chase culminates at Laszlo’s carnival, Miller figures out a plan to save both the day and the failing sideshow.

Tom Arnold
David Paymer
Arthur Hiller