Deck The Halls

DECK THE HALLS is a family comedy about one-upsmanship, jealousy, clashing neighbors, home decoration… and the true spirit of the holidays.

For Cloverdale, Massachusetts, optometrist Steve Finch (MATTHEW BRODERICK), no time of year can compare to the glory of the Christmas season. And, for many years now, he’s carried on a series of heartfelt but hokey Yuletide traditions that his family – his wife Kelly (KRISTIN DAVIS), daughter Madison (ALIA SHAWKAT), and son Carter (DYLAN BLUE) – at this point can barely tolerate.

But Steve’s Christmas bliss is suddenly destroyed when slippery car salesman Buddy Hall (DANNY DeVITO) moves in next door and quickly begins to undermine Steve’s dominance as the local “King of Christmas.” When their families become increasingly impatient with Steve and Buddy’s ridiculously escalating rivalry, they eventually threaten to pull the plug on the guy’s entire Christmas season.

Can Steve and Buddy declare a ceasefire before the holidays are ruined altogether, or will they continue their one-upsmanship until personal victory is achieved? In DECK THE HALLS, ‘tis the season where just about anything is possible.

Danny DeVito
Buddy Hall
Matthew Broderick
Steve Finch
Kristin Davis
Kelly Finch
Kristin Chenoweth
Tia Hall
John Whitesell