Down With Love

Barbara Novak hits New York City with her new book Down With Love, a feminist manifesto on saying “no” to love and “yes” to career, empowerment...and sex. As Barbara’s revolutionary tome rockets to the top of best-seller charts, she becomes the target of ace journalist Catcher “Catch” Block, ladies’ man/man’s man/man-about-town, who is determined to take her down.

While Catch’s best friend and boss, the neurotic Peter McMannus, tries to rein in his star writer, he haplessly pursues the object of his own affections; Vikki Hiller, Barbara’s brilliant and feisty editor. Vikki plays tough in a man’s world just like her protege Barbara...but will they end up unexpectedly in love?

Renee Zellweger
Barbara Novak
Ewan McGregor
Catcher Block
Peyton Reed