Gin Baker, a beautiful and ambitious insurance agent, convinces her bosses to let her take on a difficult and risky case after pieces of priceless art are stolen and not recovered. Her mission is to become involved with an aging, but active Master Thief, Robert "Mac" MacDougal. However, Mac is not easily fooled and runs Gin through a series of difficult training procedures before he will consider her as a partner in crime. As a final test, he persuades her to help him steal a tribal mask that he has had his eye on.

As the deal goes down, Mac's original partner, Thibedeaux, is still suspicious of the stealth beauty and says so, but he's in it for the bigger prize: the 8 billion dollars that Gin promised to deliver. As the millenium approaches, Gin's plan to rob one of the world's richest banks with Mac's able help begins to take shape, but her old bosses at the insurance agency haven't forgotten about her promise to them either.

As the plot thickens, so does the attraction between Gin and Mac but no one is sure who knows what and about whom. In the end, it's a contest between experience and beauty and the age old question: Who's playing whom?

Sean Connery
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Jon Amiel