Goodbye Lover

The sultry, church going, real estate agent, Sandra Dunmore, uses the homes for sale as her trysting places with her husband’s brother, Ben. But when Ben sets his sights on Peggy, Sandra becomes the woman scorned. Although the romps and rampages of this quirky family start out in amusing frivolity, things turn dark when Sandra’s revenge leads to the death of Ben. Was it an accident? Detective Rita Pompano, a burnt-out policewoman, doesn’t think so. She’s a force to contend with. Nothing gets by this cynical cop, and she’s out to get to the truth. When it is found that Ben left a hefty inheritance, the estranged family members have yet another carrot to conquer.

Patricia Arquette
Dermot Mulroney
Marie-Louise Parker
Ellen Degeneres
Roland Joffé