North Star

For some during the Alaskan gold rush of the late 1800s, land is the only resource worth having. Those like Sean McLennon want to control it and its tremendous value; others, like Inuit hunter Hudson Saanteek want to preserve and honor the great wilderness of his ancestral home.

A ruthless land baron, McLennon is determined to acquire control of a small mining town at any cost. Using intimidation and unspeakable violence, he and his men scare off or kill landowners, only to return and purchase the abandoned property quite legally. He tries to do the same with Saanteek, who owns a particularly rich portion of land, but the hunter fights back and manages to flee, abducting McLennon’s girlfriend Sarah and seeking refuge in the frozen wilderness.

While still in hiding, Saanteek, using the skills taught him by his people, shows Sarah how to live with nature -- how to use what the Earth gives them to survive the harsh climate. Eventually, the two begin to develop feelings for each other and a bond is formed; Saanteek returns to face McLennon and reclaim his ancestral land.

Though out-manned and out-gunned, can Saanteek use his keen hunting and tracking skills to turn the tables on McLennon and preserve his heritage of his home?

Full of beautiful, sprawling landscapes and action-packed sequences, NORTH STAR features original music by Academy Award® winner Ennio Morricone.

Christopher Lambert
James Caan
Catherine McCormack
Nils Gaup