Simply Irresistible

SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE is the story of a restaurant owner/chef and a department store executive who seem to have nothing in common. But thanks to a peculiar crab seller, the chef suddenly can put her emotions in her food like a dash of salt, and the executive can taste those emotions without losing the flavor of the meal. Magic and laughter ensue in this recipe of love.

Amanda Shelton (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is the owner/chef of a struggling yet enchanting restaurant, which she inherited from her mother. While her cooking skills aren’t up to par, she is a delightful and attractive woman who isn't afraid to show her emotions.

Tom Bartlett (Sean Patrick Flanery) is the high-ranking executive at a famous department store. He's serious and practical, and his all-business attitude continues to win him favor among his peers as well as an upper-level job.

When Tom visits Amanda's restaurant, she is immediately attracted to him. She somehow cooks her feelings into the meal she has prepared, and when Tom begins to dine, he sees and tastes her emotions. Suddenly, Tom is drawn to Amanda.

Their relationship quickly heats up -- until Tom begins to have doubts about Amanda and the strange things happening around them, even suspecting her of witchcraft. Romantic complications follow, but Amanda and Tom's attraction to each other eventually leads to a magical new beginning for the couple.

Sean Patrick Flannery
Patricia Clarkson
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Mark Tarlov