A zealous overachieving doctor (Woody Harrelson) learns a valuable lesson in humility and is forced to reexamine his relationship with medicine and faith when a young patient kidnaps him at gunpoint. Brandon (Jon Seda), the young half-Navajo patient, having led a life of violence and neglect, has rejected his privileged doctors and has beaten up several pediatricians who have tried to care for him. He kidnaps his current doctor and, constantly threatening his life, takes him on a trip to an Indian reservation with the aim of immersing himself in a magic lake whose healing powers he believes are his last viable choice. Harrelson and Seda’s travels bring them into contact with a variety of obstacles, including motorcycle gangs and rattlesnakes as well as Renata (Anne Bancroft), a New Age mystic. A searing drama about two extraordinarily different individuals who traverse the majestic spaces of the American West, the film tracks the spiritual journey and regeneration of two men who are forced to confront the mysteries of life and death, hope and despair.

Woody Harrelson
Anne Bancroft
Jon Seda
Michael Cimino