Steve Brooks, the ultimate woman-chaser, ticked off the wrong three women. They invite him into a sex-scapade encounter, with the motive of doing him in. When he reaches the pearly gates his ‘good list’ balances out his ‘bad list’ and so he’s given the chance to learn his lesson by briefly going back to Earth as a beautiful woman. He pretends he’s his own half-sister, Amanda, and goes to work at his old job. His former boss, attracted to Amanda, is all for having Amanda around, for her looks and for her ability to bring in clients. But Amanda faces many challenges as a result of being a male chauvinist in a female body. From walking in high heels, to being mauled and humiliated by other male sexists, Amanda comes to realize how it feels to be on the other side of the gender fence.

Ellen Barkin
Jimmy Smits
JoBeth Williams
Blake Edwards