The Client

Before committing suicide, a mafia lawyer confesses his employer’s murderous deeds and reveals the location of a senator’s corpse to 11-year-old Mark Sway. When police arrive on the scene, Mark is questioned by Roy Foltrigg, an ambitious District Attorney who seems more concerned with making headlines than with his young witness’s safety. Worried for himself and his family should he tell what he knows, the streetwise boy enlists the help of a down-on-her-luck lawyer, Regina ‘Reggie’ Love, to help him navigate the sea of single-minded prosecutors, and protect him from the mobsters’ reprisals. Although Mark is wary of all authority figures in general, Reggie’s unfaltering support and loyalty slowly earn her his trust; and she is finally able to break free of her sordid past.

Tommy Lee Jones
Susan Sarandon
Mary-Louise Parker
Joel Schumacher