The King Of Comedy

Welcome to the disturbing world of Rupert Pupkin, the psychotic aspiring comedian who fantasizes that all he needs is one appearance on the late night talk show hosted by Jerry Langford to propel himself to superstardom. After he rescues Jerry from Masha, another crazy fan who desperately loves him, Pupkin hopes to appear on Jerry's show and begins a constant campaign to get himself on the show. After one rejection too many, he hatches a new plan. Rupert kidnaps Jerry and holds him for a simple ransom: the TV appearance of his dreams.

Martin Scorsese's dark comedy is a biting satire of stardom and media that seems even more relevant today than it did 20 years ago. The film alternates between a flatly lit TV look for reality and a rich, bizarre vision of Rupert's fantasy world. Though the film did not originally do well at the box office, it has become a classic of black comedy.

Robert De Niro
Jerry Lewis
Diahnne Abbott
Martin Scorsese